Ample Guest Speaking At GM Summit

Ample is proud to announce that we were selected to demo at GM Summit.  We will not only be mentioning Ample, but also speaking on the future of Hollywood 3.0!  Tune in to learn more this Wednesday, as well as hear from other great speakers and founders.

Event Link:

Event Info: 

gm Summit is a free web3 startup conference for PixelBeast holders.*

Join us on March 16th for a full-day of panels, roundtables, and networking with the VCs, founders, and builders in the PixelBeast community. We’ll cover a wide range of topics from NFTs, DAOs, gaming, community, and more.

***** About PixelBeasts ******

Join the PixelBeasts community of VCs, founders, and builders exploring what it means to build & play in web3 together. We do this through playing games and getting together often. On the event side, we host a weekly event, a monthly demo day, and an annual conference. Games you can play with a PixelBeast include Sneks & Ladders (a discord based board game) and Pixels (web3 farming).

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